Video | MTB Junkies – Welcome to our Backyard

Junkies – is a group of Filipino overseas workers blending in the background of numerous working expats in the United Arab Emirates. An expat’s life in this part of the world evolves in the hustle and bustle of a dynamic tourism Metro. Fujairah is a mountainous Emirate where one of us spotted a nearby hill and dreamt of building a playground. With the team’s persistence, well spent weekends and a few broken rakes, the hill was turned into a haven for mountain bikers and also trail runners who fancied the view of the City while grasping for air at the top.


It was just very recent that a new, more technical line was carved out and during the try-outs, took its toll on us. Bruises, sand eating sessions and a broken collar bone somehow paved way to re-build the trail to fit our skill level. The backyard trail that we have will have its own fear-factor that may not be compared to the rather known Shawka and Hatta MTB destinations, however the team is hoping that one day a proper Enduro race may be held in the humble Emirate of Fujairah, with support from the biking community and local authorities showcasing the lines and smiles in our Playground.


Text & Bilder: MTB Junkies

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