Top 5: The most popular ENDURO articles of March 2016

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ENDURO Readers’ Choice: The Best Brands 2015


Surprising, baffling, super-positive, shocking, constructive, and at times damn funny – 12,215 mountain bikers duly completed our readers’ survey, providing answers to a bucket load of questions. And in return for your hard work, we gave up our evenings to analyse 2.4 million Excel boxes and pull out some highlights. We’ve narrowed it down to the most interesting facts, and this article will reveal the most popular brands in the industry: ENDURO Readers’ Choice: The Best Brands 2015

Parental Guidance: How to enjoy mountain biking with your kids


Human nature dictates that we want our children to succeed and be the best they can be at whatever it is they love. But, if you’re a biker, there’s always going to be a bit of you that wants your kids to love riding as much as you do. UK editor Jim has been racing and riding for years but will riding with his kids be the biggest cycling achievement he’s ever racked up? Read the full article here: Parental Guidance: How to enjoy mountain biking with your kids

The Duel of the Tyre Sizes: 27.5+ vs. 27.5″ and 29er Bikes


Unclear circumstances, unfair conditions, but the ultimate truth. The year’s most unfair group test to beat its way through the fog and marketing hype surrounding the wheel size chaos! The mud’s flying, the chain’s rattling, and then suddenly you recognize the dreaded crack of the frame breaking… but that’s just a minor problem these days. What’s much worse is actually trying to navigate your way through the fog to find which bike to buy. With endless categories that split cycling into every potential discipline or even ride type, there are wheel sizes and tyre sizes being touted, from 26”, 27.5”, 27+, 650B, 29”, 29+, tour, super tourer, trail, all-mountain, super all-mountain, enduro, enduro light, freeride light… which direction are we supposed to take? And while the answers should be pretty easy, it doesn’t seem like the marketing professionals, the magazines, or the tech geeks want to accept this. Read the full article here: The Duel of the Tyre Sizes: 27.5+ vs. 27.5″ and 29er Bikes

Group Test: 10 Trail & Enduro Bikes under €2599


Hands up – who doesn’t love a damn sexy bike with an enticingly high price tag? But as with all things, we don’t all have those infinite bank balances that allow us to splash out on a Lambo or Ferrari of the bike world. Does it matter, you might wonder? The answer is nope: your fun is not limited by your budget. So imagine you’ve only got a budget of € 2,599 … what’s the most awesome bike you can buy? To help you out, we checked out ten of the best and found out which ones give you the best performance, and which ones aren’t worthy of your cash. Find out more in the full article: Group Test: 10 Trail & Enduro Bikes under €2599

RockShox presents the new Reverb

2016 New Rockshox Reverb Design-8012

Since launching the Reverb has been a real market staple with good performance and solid reliability, now for 2016 RockShox have revealed the new Reverb that they say will take their dropper post to new heights of performance and durability! More details in the full article: RockShox presents the new Reverb

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