The Design & Innovation Award 2021 – The winners, trends & background

Which are the most stand out bike products of 2021? What are the most important trends in the bike industry for the coming year? After thousands of test kilometres and heated discussions, the results are in. Curtains up for the Design & Innovation Award 2021!

2021 will be characterised by big changes, big trends and lots of potential. The outdoor sector, in particular cycling, is booming like never before. Fitness gadgets and urban transport solutions are in more demand than ever. Startups, established brands and international big players all vie for the favour of customers with new products, purported innovations, big promises and catchy slogans. But what’s hype and which claims hold water? What are the most promising developments actually capable of?

For eight years the Design & Innovation Award (DI.A) has tested the most promising new products of the next season in real-world conditions to identify stand-out products and the most important trends early on. Here you can find everything about the Design & Innovation Award.

Winner 2021

The Design & Innovation Award is more than just an award. It’s the only award to feature comprehensive review, highlight potential and discuss the true value of innovation. The award team has once more invested countless hours to analyse the most exciting products of 2021 for you. Here we present you the products that secured the coveted Design & Innovation Award in 2021.

The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends
Here are the best bike related products of 2021

Mountain bike trends 2021
More performance for more bikers!

Cycling is booming. Never before has the demand for new products been as high as it is now and the sector is responding with new and better products. Whether it’s about improving performance, bidding farewell to bike categories or the eternal question of mountain bike vs. eMTB, we tell you about the most exciting mountain bike trends of 2021.

Gravel trends 2021
Here’s what awaits us in the coming season

The bike market has been booming in 2020 like never before. How does that influence the gravel bikes of 2021? What will we be riding and where can we spot the obvious trends for coming bike models? We’ve outlined the hottest gravel trends of 2021 and tell you where the challenges and opportunities lie for newbies and veterans. Are you ready? Here’s everything you need to know.

EMTB trends for 2021
The perfect eMTB for everyone

New eMTB concepts and a more differentiated approach in battery and motor concepts don’t just determine the fundamental character of current bikes but also numerous trends for 2021. We’ve summarised the most exciting developments for you and tell you why E-trekking bikes might soon become extinct. This is eMTBing in 2021!

The most important mobility trends of 2021
From ebikes to cargo bikes, all the way to E-quads?!

Bike doesn’t always mean bike. The ebike boom is delivering incredibly diverse and innovative approaches to mobility in the cities of today and tomorrow. Bikes are increasingly turning into ebikes and aren’t just being seen as a status symbol but also a solution for many traffic, environmental, health and urban space concerns. You can find the most important trends of 2021 here!

Road bike trends 2021
This is what we can expect in the coming season

What constitutes a perfect road bike in 2021 and what do new developments promise for the coming generation of products? Will the bike boom of 2020 continue to have an impact on the market for road bikes? You can find the most important road bike trends for the coming season here!

High-tech and (smart) software
The technology trends of 2021

With everything from cutting-edge high-tech concepts to smart software, many imaginative developments await us in the bike sector for 2021. Modern products are doing double duty, helmets store data, jackets function as rear lights and alongside your own abilities, AI wants to augment your ride. The electrification and digitalisation of bikes present versatile potential and could be one of the leading trends in the bike sector. Separating hot air from real benefits, looking at potential and problems, we reveal the biggest trends of the bike sector. Check in, right here.

Riding in the shadow of the giant – trail adventures and endurance tests on the Kronplatz

The Kronplatz rises above the Ennberg Valley at an altitude of 2,275. Where once emperors were crowned according to the Fanes saga, today the industry’s most innovative products are put through their paces by the Design & Innovation Award testing team. Here’s everything important about Kronplatz.

The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

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1697065289 258 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

1697065289 853 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

Next door to the Giro d’Italia – Road bike and family paradise Olang

They are in great demand, make our hearts beat faster and are becoming increasingly rare: retreats and holiday gems that have been spared from mass tourism. The municipality of Olang in South Tyrol, located in the Pustertal, is an ideal starting point for exploring the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage Site. Why? Read on to find out!

1697065289 838 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

1697065289 785 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends
1697065289 932 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

1697065289 260 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

World Heritage Site with breathtaking views: the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature park

There’s not a single hectare of land in the Fanes-Senes-Braies Park that isn’t worth exploring – and the Nature Park has over 25,400 of them. Whether you’re setting off on foot or on a bike, embarking on a quick half-day excursion or multi-day hut expedition, the park is always worth a trip and at the same time the ideal testing ground for the Design & Innovation Award (click for info).

1697065290 736 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

1697065290 181 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends
1697065290 542 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

1697065290 561 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

Work where others play – Hotel Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort in St. Vigil, South Tyrol

The Design & Innovation Award has been based in St. Vigil for the last four years and in that time, the Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort has become our trusted base camp. The familiar surroundings saw a few new additions this year – in particular the new infinity pool with its panoramic view over the Dolomites. Owner Werner Call has expanded the hotel and created an absolute dream. You can find more information right here.

1697065290 238 The Design Innovation Award 2021 – The winners trends

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