Team Tested: VP Components Harrier flat pedals review

Even if you may not have heard about VP Components yet, there is quite a chance you’re running one of their parts on your bike. As one of the biggest component-manufacturers, they work as contractors for many big brands of the industry. Now the Taiwanese manufacturer has put all their experience into their newest pedal-creation: Offering good durability, lots of grip and a low weight, the VP Harrier pedals could be set to conquer the market. We put the 90 euro pedals to an extensive test.


Fresh out of the box, the first thing we notice is the immense size of the VP Harrier – they are just huge! With a standing-area of 12 x 11 centimeters they are among the biggest pedals on the market. However, at just 12 millimeters thick they are also really slim, and with a weight of 369 grams / pair, pretty light too, especially when you consider their size. The low weight is possibly due to the use of polymer bearings around the cromoly (not titanium, as the weight might suggest) axle.


The build quality of the pedals knows how to please, they really make a high-quality impression. Each pedal has 20 steel pins, some are screwed through the pedal, others are screwed in from one side. All are easy to replace, even if they are worn out or bent.

Aaron in Action_4__KKM2162

The good first impressions continues on the trail: With their big size and their long, sharp pins, they create immense traction and provide lots of safety and a really positive position on the bike. Those who ride with shoes without a super-stiff sole (e.g. FiveTen Freerider) will especially like the additional foot-support, both when pedaling and on rough descends. A handy side effect of the open cage design of the pedals is their good self cleaning abilities, mud and dirt don’t stick to the pedal and no grip is lost, even in the worst weather conditions.


After about four weeks and over 500 kilometers on the trails, we can’t give a final statement as to the long-term reliability of the Harrier. However, so far they have worked without any problems or noticeable wear. After the first few rides, a small lateral play (<1mm) occurred – this is normal for this kind of bearings, and we did not notice it while riding. The play has not increasing since. We had some crashes and rock-contacts but these have been no problem for the strong Harrier pedals.

Bottom Line

The new Harrier pedals are a good deal! For about 90 Euros, you get a pair of strong pedals with lots of grip, a big contact area and low weight.

The VP Components Harrier flat pedals are available in red, black and raw/silver for an MSRP of $120.00 USD. More info:

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