Save the date: Patacancha – The World’s Highest Enduro

Cusco, Peru is becoming one of the favourite Mountain Bike destinations in South America. Last week it was full of races such us Santisimo Downhill, Enduro del Inca and Inca Avalanche. A lot of competitors took advantage of the free days to ride in the local single-tracks. We know one week in Cusco is not enough that’s why in this video we want to give more reasons (excuses) to keep visiting this place.

The second edition of Patacancha Enduro will be July 31st of this year. The competition is organised by local Cusco friends and it is the second round of the Peru Enduro Series. It’s also the World’s Highest Enduro.


The competition is near to Ollantaytambo, an old Inca living town and also the most common access to Machu Picchu ruins.


Patacancha Enduro is the only international event 100% organised by local Cusco people. Also is the only Enduro in Peru that follows the rules and guidelines of the Enduro World Series.


Alejandro Paz, a multiple Peruvian National DH Champ, mentioned that Patacancha Enduro is one of the toughest competition he ever raced.


For more information check the website!

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Words: Patacancha Enduro Photos: Jose Carlos Angulo

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