Photo Essay | Bryan Regnier – Style for miles!

Style, it’s hard to measure and impossible to quantify, but there are a lucky few who just have it. If you look up style in the dictionary it reads simply ‘Bryan Regnier‘. Perhaps that’s an exaggeration but you certainly cannot deny that the Frenchman is not only extremely fast but is also infinitely stylish on his Enduro bike. Whenever he gets in the magazines his stylish moves are so hot you could fry a portion of chips with them, it was time to find out more!

Style for miles! Bryan Regnier hat massig davon!
Style for miles! Bryan Regnier has a ton of it!

Bryan had been developing his skills in motocross races for years before he was discovered by Cedric Gracia four and a half years ago. Spotting his potential, Cedric signed him up to his Racing Brigade immediately. “He liked my style and so I came to the team. I started riding Enduro even though I had never had ridden Downhill, dirt jump or freeride before.”

Drift it baby! Beim RockShox Press Camp staubt es ordentlich!
Drift it baby! During the RockShox Press Camp he produces lots of dust!

To find out more about Bryan we asked him eight short questions:

Who is Bryan Regnier?
Honestly, I don’t know, I’m just a man, and I live my dream, just enjoying every minute of my life.


What are your goals?
My goal is to do my best every time, and maybe get a top 10 result in the EWS next year, and doing 1 big freeride event, I love freeriding.

Bryan's Fokus liegt in dieser Saison ganz klar auf der Enduro World Series.
Bryan’s focus this season clearly is on the Enduro World Series.

You like freeriding as well as Enduro, which one is the most important for you?
I guess it’s Enduro to challenge my own limits and money (lol), but I love freeride just for the fun, it’s great to have some adrenaline pumping through my veins.

Auch auf dem Big Bike begeistert der Franzose. Wie dieses Foto vom YT-Katalogshooting beweist.
Bryan can also deliver on the big bike – like here on the YT catalogue photoshooting.

It’s pretty obvious that you like to party, but what about training – are you very focused?
Man, I train so hard, you can’t imagine! The level in the EWS is so high, you can ask any World Cup Downhiller or Cross Country World Cup Rider – it’s unbelievable.

Staub Staub und noch noch mehr Staub!
Dust Dust and even more dust!

How can we make the Mountain bike sport more attractive?
It definitely needs more TV coverage, I know it’s a hard event to cover but that’s where it needs to go, more media (like you) and maybe more budget

What are you doing if you are not racing or training?
Chilling with all my friends and my girlfriend Camille, and surfing , surfing is the best sport ever … Feeling the waves, the sun, the sea, that’s insane.

Bryan hat einfach Spaß bei dem was er macht!
Bryan always has great fun at what he is doing!

Which five adjectives describe you best?
Selfish, extreme, dreamer, adventure, social

What does the tattoo mean on your chest?
You only live once , and more ….

This guy is soo Enduro!
This guy is soo Enduro!
Whips don't lie!
Whips don’t lie!
Fucking Good Times in Les 2 Alpes!
Fucking good times in Les 2 Alpes!

If you want to know more about Bryan visit his Facebook-Page or click at

Words: Christoph Bayer | Pictures: Sven Martin/Ale di Lullo/YT Industries

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