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What a terrible word: separation. It somehow always sounds like drama and suffering, or it’s made into that — by those who want everything to stay just like it is. But separation can also be something quite beautiful!

Sometimes the best developments and greatest successes in our lives are thanks to separation. There would be no ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine if we hadn’t separated from an established publisher and shortly afterwards quit studying. After all, you need to make room. Room for something new, to make time for creativity, to establish an outlet for your motivation — room to do something big.


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Why is separation so hard? Yes, it takes away our trusted comfort zone, the reliable constants in our lives. But somehow it’s mad: we live in a world of more opportunities and knowledge than ever before, but everyone feels trapped by their careers and the investment made in their own development. But there’s a really simple solution: separation.


Sometimes the time is simply ripe for something new, regardless of how sweet the past and shared experiences might have been. For example, the end of a season. So now we may, or worded better, we have to separate ourselves from our long-term test bikes.


So much for the renowned melancholy of farewells. Now we’ve got room again for some new bikes. For example, for the highlights of the next season: from relatively affordable trail bikes to exorbitantly expensive race machines, once again everything was represented on our Ötztal trip to test the hottest 2015 bikes. Amongst them the new Canyon Strive CF with Shapeshifter, the new Giant Reign Advanced, the Specialized S-Works Enduro 650b, and a few other tasty rides.


We’ve also separated from Barcelona as the location for our Design & Innovation Awards this year. In 2015, the Design & Innovation Award 2015 will take place in the Vinschgau, South Tyrol: a breathtaking backdrop, gigantic trails, the finest cuisine, and perfect infrastructure make for an unbeatable package. From a Finca to a whole mountain. One needs to make room for growth and the new status as the most important award in the bike industry.


But before we head off to the Tyrol, we’ll have to deal with the conditions at home. For no sooner has the bad weather arrived than the arguments begin, and the paths of friends divide: stay at home, or flee to the south? If you don’t want to miss out on the damp fun of winter trails at home, then you’ll strike it rich with our product feature on. Here you’ll see the prettiest, cleverest, and best accessories and outfits. The motto is “mud party” — unfortunately, without mud catchers. Another time, maybe….


Attention grabbing (yes, and also boobs!) — that’s what our somewhat different trade show report on is all about. We analysed the marketing strategies of some manufacturers using sophisticated ‘Eye Tracking’ techniques. Interesting, awesome, and just plain tacky — everything is represented. Hopefully this article won’t cause any brands to separate from some of their personnel — although as we’ve realised, separations are not fundamentally always a bad thing….


As a crowning glory, we met up for one last trail celebration in October. And this Oktoberfest — if it had been adequately documented — might have led to a separation or two (and I’m not talking about long-term bikes!).

Whether you do or don’t separate from this or that, stay with us, and above all stay true to yourselves!

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