New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced

The long wait has an end. After the announcement of the RockShox AXS-Reverb the Reverb Stealth gets his longed-for update. With 200 mm of travel, Vent Valve Technology and new inner workings the wait seems to worth it. Here you’ll read everything you need to know, directly from RockShox:

New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced
Travel 100 mm – 200 mm | Price from € 390

We’ve taken the RockShox Reverb family to new heights, recently with Reverb AXS™, and now with the new Reverb Stealth. Redesigned internals provide effortless actuation and increased reliability featuring new Vent Valve Technology. With reduced overall post lengths and new travel options, riders of all shapes and sizes benefit from more travel than ever before. The new Reverb Stealth redefines what it means to simply go up and down.


Minimal length for maximum drop. New shorter overall post length allows fit of a longer travel dropper on more bikes. What goes up fast, comes down even faster. New internals decrease the amount of drop force needed by over 50%. New grease, a new Internal Floating Piston (IFP), and new Reverb Serene Fluid developed by our friends Maxima all come along for the ride, reduce friction, and result in faster actuation and return speed in all conditions.
New Vent Valve technology, a simple and reliable built-in service solution without disassembly of the seatpost. New Longer travel post options in 175mm and 200mm. Keep it neat. Stealth internal cable routing for a clean finish. Speed adjustment to fine tune the return speed of the post to your liking.

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1690551857 245 New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced

1690551857 739 New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced


Post Diameter 30.9mm, 31.6mm, 34.9mm
Travel 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm
Post Length 301mm, 351mm, 414mm, 467mm, 519.5mm
Remote 1X, Standard (L-Below, R-Above)

Price Standard Remote $349 / €390 / £345
Price 1x Remote $399 / €445 / £395

When size does matter

Getting your saddle as far out of the way as possible means more confidence and control out on trail. Now with five travel lengths, including new 175mm and 200mm, riders of all sizes benefit from a longer travel dropper in a shorter overall package. Fitting in has never been easier.

1690551857 796 New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced

Internal Affairs

Reverb Stealth is built with a lower friction internal floating piston (IFP) for faster post actuation and 50% less drop force than before. Featuring a new lubrication design, Reverb Serene fluid co-developed with Maxima, dropping in has never felt smoother. With improved consistency in a wider range of conditions, you’ll find confidence using your dropper more often, with less effort, in any situation, over and over again.

1690551857 501 New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced

Vent Valve Technology

We don’t want you to have to use it, which is why we’ve created the most robust seatpost to date. We also know, sometimes the inevitable happens. Over time, air and oil may mix resulting in that annoying post “squish” and the need for additional service. Vent Valve Technology allows you to do this simple service within a few steps without disassembly of the post. Simply depress the Vent Valve, compress the post, and you’re good to go.

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1690551857 467 New RockShox Reverb Stealth C1 announced

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Words & Photos: RockShox

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