Funky looking Goggles – 100% Accuri


Nowadays, in the sport of Enduro or for the speed-gaining uplift days, wether you choose half or full-face helmet, lots of riders still choose a trusty set of goggles. These funky looking goggles called the Accuri, come fresh from the guys at 100%. They are the mid-range model from 100% and come made with thicker foam for comfort and fit. They are made from urethene, meaning they are flexible and durable, and with their slightly more complex shape than the lower priced model they are able to fit real nice around Gonzo noses like mine! And with a 14mm wide strap they will take the abuse thrown at them.


They come available in a vast array of 18 different colours, with the mirrored lens version coming with a spare clear one available for £44.99, or the clear lens only model for only £34.99 at that they are the right price too. A new clear lens will cost you a mere £7, bargain!


Available at all good bike shops. For more information klick here.

Words and pics: Jim Buchanan. Rider: Sandy Plenty

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