First Ride Review: Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet – the new kid on the block

The new Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet is claimed to be the lightest full-face option on the market right now! Despite only weighing in at a mere 640 g (size M/L), the MT500 Full Face Helmet is fully DH certified, and its Koroyd construction is claimed to maximise safety and ventilation. We’ve ridden it, read on to find out what we thought!

As riding speeds increase and the boundary between “Enduro” and “Downhill” trails blur, more and more riders and racers are turning to the increased levels of safety offered by a full-face helmet design. Many enduro race series (such as the EWS) already enforce a “full-face only” rule, with many other events beginning to follow suit. In the past, full-face helmets have always had one major drawback when used for “enduro” style riding – they were hot, sweaty and heavy.

Endura MT500 Full Face review
The new Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet brings DH certified protection at a very low weight

Luckily, those days are behind us, and many manufacturers are now offering a “light” full-face option, with lots of vents and a lightweight shell. The newest kid on the block is the Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet. We spent 3 days testing it in Riva, Italy, to see if it lives up to its bold claims.

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weighing in at 640 g (size M/L) this helmet is the lightest in its category

The Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet in detail

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Price £189.99 | Weight 640 g (size M/L) | Availability July 2019

Endura claim that their MT500 Full Face Helmet is the lightest full-face ever produced. These claims appear to be true, as Endura’s offering is indeed 50 g lighter than the Troy Lee Designs Stage MIPS, and an impressive 95 g lighter than the FOX Proframe in size M/L. The chin bar is secured to the helmet with a unique “skeleton” construction that Endura claim provides strength without excess weight.

Koroyd technology
The Koroyd construction is claimed to bring superior ventilation and protection
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The vents are distributed nicely across the helmet and helped to keep us surprisingly cool on the climbs

The MT500 Full Face Helmet features a full Koroyd core, which saves a chunk of weight when compared to standard EPS foam construction. The unique design of Koroyd’s co-polymer extruded tube construction supposedly absorb impacts in a more linear and predictable way, which is claimed to greatly reduce the risk of head injury. The helmet features a one-handed adjustment dial, and the cradle can be adjusted at multiple points to suit different head shapes. A fast wicking lining and two sets of cheek pads with different thicknesses further increase comfort.

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The one handed magnetic closure is quick and easy to use

First ride review

The first thing we noticed when picking up the helmet was its weight. This thing is seriously light. We were quickly able to fine-tune the helmet fit with the dial and cradle anchor-points. The one-handed magnetic closure system is also a neat touch. When riding, it is hard to deny that the Endura MT500 Full Face is very well ventilated. We tested it on the trails in Riva, Italy, in temperatures ranging from 13°C to 22°C. The large vents in the chin bar do not hinder breathing and have loads of airflow. Our only comment here is that when breathing very hard, the air passing through the Koroyd section in front of the mouth sometimes creates a slight whistling noise, however, we would take the added protection on offer here any day of the week.

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There is a certain sense of security brought by wearing a full-face helmet that lets you charge hard

The vents are evenly distributed and we remained surprisingly cool even on drawn out climbs in the sun. When descending, the helmet feels secure and stable. It works well with goggles, however, the MT500 Full Face Helmet has a fixed visor so you can’t stow them under the peak on the climbs. Apart from the chin bar in front of our face, it was almost easy to forget we were wearing a full-face helmet due to its light weight and ventilation.

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The helmet felt secure and stable on the descents

How protective is Endura’s MT500 full-face helmet?

Endura are pitching their MT500 Full Face as a lightweight and breathable option for enduro, downhill and bike park riders alike. The helmet is fully DH certified and satisfies both the ASTM F1952 standard and CE Standard EN1078:2012 + 1 A1:2012.

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We are looking forward to giving the Endura MT500 Full Face a long term test

Our thoughts on the Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet

The Endura MT500 Full Face Helmet lives up to the company’s claims by providing DH certified levels of protection, great ventilation and the lowest weight currently on the market in its category. The attention to detail is high, and the fit and comfort are good due to the high levels of adjustability. For enduro races and fun rides on gnarly trails, we would pick it over both an “xc” style helmet and a conventional full-face every time. Of course, this is just a first impression and we’re looking forward to giving this helmet a proper test during the summer months. Stay tuned!

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Words: Finlay Anderson Photos: Finlay Anderson, Endura

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