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Whether you want to be able to focus more whilst riding, or not be the first guy to leave the party, so many of us rely on the effects of energy drinks to not only keep us fuelled whilst we ride. With its Energy Shots, Switzerland’s Sudden Rush proclaims to offer a maximized boost of energy. Over the last few weeks we’ve been working day and night on the latest issue of ENDURO, which gave us the prime opportunity to test out these ampules.


Like many other energy drinks companies, Sudden Rush promises to deliver a performance boost with the help of Guaraná. Native to the Amazon, the effects of Guaraná are in fact so strong that it was listed on the Anti Doping list until 2004. Now legal, Sudden Rush offers this performance-enhancing product in three different flavours and strengths.


Medium Bio Energy Shot

  • Flavour: Passion fruit
  • Organically grown product
  • 1000mg caffeine per 100ml

Strong Natural Energy Shot

  • Flavour: Caramel
  • Created from natural products
  • 1500mg caffeine per 100ml

X-Strong Natural Energy Shot

  • Flavour: Raspberry
  • Created from natural products
  • 2000mg caffeine per 100ml


Perusing the ingredients (sugar, natural extracts, water and flavourings), nothing terrible jumps out at you. But the flavour of the Energy Shots strikes us as super intense; they’re tastes that will take some getting used to. The caramel shot has the least offensive smell, and also tastes the best too. Any fans of sweet jelly baby-esque juices and artificial aromas will almost definitely love these energy shots.

We’ve turned to these shots while at work, on never-ending drives through the Alps and prior to starting races. In contrast to certain other energy drinks, the impact is noticeable and long-lasting. But that shouldn’t come as any surprise: compare the caffeine content of one of the X-Strong shots (11ml) to a can of Red Bull (classic, 250 ml), the Energy Shot from Sudden Rush contains almost three times as much caffeine as the Red Bull – 220 mg compared to 80 mg. Consequently, in line with the company, we’d sternly recommend no more than one ampule a day, unless you’re not looking to sleep for a while!



Sudden Rush Energy Shots do noticeably boost mental endurance and concentration, although the syrup can’t compete with the majority of its energy drink competitors in terms of taste. The promised effect is delivered – although it doesn’t come cheaply, as each ampule retails at 2.50 €. Coming in a handy pocket size container, it is a convenient companion for rides or as a glovebox addition for those long drives, but be mindful of the large quantity of caffeine and don’t forget to eat and drink wisely. After all, the caffeine shakes aren’t all that attractive.

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Pictures: Sebastian Hermann

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