EUROBIKE 2015: Maxxis

As the plus-size trend for tyres shows no sign of abating, the tyre company MAXXIS have latched onto said trend to create a standard series tyre as well as two further prototypes. Fans of ‘regular’ tyres needn’t despair either – there is also a legion of exciting new products to please everyone.

New DoubleDown carcass

Alle Stichpunkte rund um die neue DoubleDown-Karkasse auf einen Blick.
The low-down on the DoubleDown carcass.

Foldable and tubeless-ready, the DoubleDown carcass is comprised of a two-layered tyre wall, with a casing of 120 TPI. The DoubleDown carcass will be used on select models from spring 2016 with a retail price of 74.50€. The double layering concept means the DoubleDown tyres share a similar construction to downhill tyres, although they’re around 200g lighter and therefore ideal for tough-as-nails enduro riding.

New widths and tubeless opportunities

Die bewährte Produktpalette kommt ab 2016 auch in 2,4" oder 2,5" Breite.
Their popular products will also come in 2016 with widths of both 2.4″ and 2.5″.

Almost all of the models from MAXXIS’s proven product collection will also come in wider 2.4″ and 2.5″ versions, and will keep their tubeless-ready nature. One standout highlight is the 2.5″ Shorty, which should promise even better grip on loose ground and take the tyre to the new level as an excellent all-rounder.

Minion SS Semislick

Der neue Minion SS Semislick soll der ideale Hinterreifen auf trockenen, festen Böden sein.
The new Minion SS Semislick promises to be the best rear tyre for hard, dry ground conditions.

MAXXIS claim to have created the best rear tyre for hard, dry ground conditions with their brand new Minion SS Semislick. Offering minimal rolling resistance, this tyre’s large side lugs should ensure sufficient sidewall durability. Designed for enduro, the tyres will be available from spring 2016 in both 27.5″ and 29″ and a 2.3″ width. There’ll also be a downhill-specific version with a 2.5″ width. The various tyres weigh between 745 g and 1,335g, and come with a retail price of up to 74.50€.

Chronicle plus-size tyre

Mit 3,0" Breite ist der Chronicle MAXXIS’ Einstieg in den Plus-Reifenmarkt.
With a width of 3.0″ the Chronicle marks MAXXIS’s entry into the world of plus-size tyres.

The new Chronicle marks MAXXIS’s entry into the world of plus-size tyres. Coming in both 27.5″ and 29″, the Chronicle will also feature the proven EXO carcass, just like the enduro tyre. Tubeless-ready and weighing in at 990g, it is still a competitive tyre when it comes to weight, significantly under the 1 kg mark. The price depends on the carcass, but the Chronicle will retail at either 79.50€ or 99.50€.

For those who still want to keep riding with tubes, 2016 will also see a plus-size version for widths of 2.5″ to 3.0″. Price: 16 €, weight: 364 g.

IKON+ and REKON+ prototype

Bewährtes Profil in neuer Breite: der IKON+ Prototyp.
A tried and tested profile in a new width: the IKON+ prototype.
Momentan noch in der Testphase: der REKON+.
Still in the test phase: the REKON+.

MAXXIS proudly presented two further plus-size prototypes, which included the IKON+ – a wider version of their tried and tested trail tyre. Designed with a more aggressive tread and bigger lugs, the REKON+ should provide more grip. Currently both tyres are being tested with a width of 2.8″, and if everything goes well they’ll join the collection from 2017 onwards.

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Words: Daniel Schlicke Photos: Christoph Bayer

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