EUROBIKE 2015 | Brighter by the year – new products by Lupine

You could almost feel sorry for Lupine’s neighbours at EUROBIKE, stood in the glare of the German company’s high performance lights. And it must get worse by the year, as the lights are consistently developed to shine yet more brightly. This year’s visit to their stand didn’t disappoint, as we shine a spotlight on Lupine’s 2016 collection.

Dieser kleine blaue Knopf ist eine der größten Neuerungen für die kommende Saison ...
This little blue button is perhaps the most exciting new addition for 2016 …
... bei ihm handelt es sich um eine Fernbedienung, mit die Leistung der Lampe über Bluetooth verstellt werden kann.
… as it enables you to remotely control the performance of the lamp via Bluetooth.

The new Bluetooth remote controllers are compatible with the following models: Piko R, Wilma R and Betty R, which all feature a revised casing that enables the Bluetooth signal to be received. Due to the integrated Bluetooth sensor, Lupine have developed a brand new App that grants control of the lamp to your smartphone. Alongside the basic information such as battery life, temperature and remaining light time, it’s incredibly simple to switch between levels of brightness and control the beam.

Die neue Lupino Piko R hat nicht nur das Bluetooth-Modul, sondern auch mehr Leistung implantiert bekommen (1500 Lumen).
The new Lupine Piko R doesn’t just feature the Bluetooth sensor, it also has a seriously increased performance (1.500 lumen).
Der Kunststoffdeckel macht den Unterschied. Er ermöglicht es, das die Signale des Senders die Lampe auch erreichen.
The casing makes the difference – allowing the sender’s signal to reach the lamp.
Über die eigens entwickelte App lässt sich die Lampe Ein- und Ausschalten ...
Using Lupine’s own App, the light can be switched on and off …
... der aktuell Betriebszustand abrufen ...
… and you can check the light’s current status …
... und jede Leuchtstufe einstellen.
… and adjust the brightness.
Eine weitere Neuerung an der neuen Wilma R ist neben der gesteigerten Leistung und der Bluetooth-Verbindung die neue Aufnahme des Lampenkopfs.
Alongside the improved performance and new Bluetooth compatibility, Lupine have also created a new bracket for the light. Already appearing on the Betty and Piko models, it offers a wider adjustment angle and takes up less space.

An overview of the lights’ capacity

  • Lupine Piko R 1500 Lumen
  • Wilma R 3200 Lumen
  • Betty R an impressive 5000 Lumen

All of the lights will be available for purchase from the end of September onwards. The Bluetooth-compatible models will retail at around 30 – 50 € more than the regular lights.

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Words & Pictures: Christoph Bayer

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