Editor’s Choice: Best Christmas Presents for Bikers Part 1

The last-minute Christmas gift panic is a tradition as hallowed as the holiday itself. Despite our best intentions, each year, plenty of us find ourselves frantically scouring stores for presents with only days to go before December 25th. Does that sound like you? If so, help is at hand, our global team of editors have put together a list of the ultimate Christmas gifts for the discerning biker. So if you are looking for something amazing for your bike mad partner, or just looking to treat yourself, check out these great gift ideas!

Christoph Bayer, Chief Editor Germany, Aschau im Chiemgau (GER)

Bushranger’s Brew Beard Wash, Wisdom Beard Oil and Hold Fast Mustache Wax

We’re surrounded by so-called status symbols: expensive bikes, snazzy cars, and extravagant houses. But surely the only real status symbol can be found on a man’s face: a beard! Consequently, it deserves a real dose of TLC. The Bushranger shampoo leaves a pleasant aroma while the stylishly-packaged Wisdom beard oil keeps your true love nice and smooth and the Hold Fast mustache wax will keep you looking sharp. It won’t grow any faster with these essentials, but it’ll look a damn sight better. These products are a sure-fire way to cheer up any true man.


Price: € 22.99 – 29.99 | More infos: KAWANDO Website


Impress friends, friends-of-friends and even the entire interconnected world with amazing film clips just got a damn sight easier. Until now, only those with a stratospheric budget and a herd of sherpas had any chance of getting non-shaky recordings – but the DJI Osmo is a game-changer. With its integrated stabilization system, the 220 g camera is smaller than a bike bottle and comes with the arguably smallest guitar case in the world. Taking pin-sharp 4K recordings, the DJI Osmo won’t be giving you any hurdles on your way to becoming the next YouTube star with its auto panorama function and the ever-popular selfie mode. However, there’s one thing the box doesn’t include: your own creativity. Thanks to the smartphone connection you can immediately review what you’ve filmed and even smarten up your skills on the trail directly.


Price: € 749 | More infos: DJI Website

Jim Buchanan, UK Editor, Shropshire (UK)

Ergon BE1 Enduro Protect Backpack

When using packs, so many riders go for huge great rucksack styled ones, so they can squeeze in so many bits and pieces of tat, half of which they will never use! This pack is designed to carry the bare minimum and not the whole kitchen sink! The BE1 backpack features light weight and a very snug and comfortable fit for long days out in the saddle. This pack sits real snug on the rider’s back and is aimed more at enduro racing, with minimum storage a low-slung 1.5ltr bladder and various different fitting options for body armour, and full or half-face helmet. Also included in the pack is a full-length back protector plate, to give riders more confidence whilst pushing hard down the trails.

Christmas presents-3

Price: € 149,99 | More infos: Ergon Website

Crank Brothers Y-series Trail Tool

Out on the trail we hope never to have to stop to sort out problems with our precious pride and joy, but bikes will be bikes and most rides need some type of adjustment. This Y-tool features fantastic attachments for the user. Included are Allen keys from 2-8mm, chain tool, C02 inflator, 2 spoke keys, Phillips and flat screwdriver bits plus T25 and T10 torque bits. The reason I chose this tool is that it is much more like full sized workshop tools, so I get a damn good leverage, without feeling like the tool is too small and unusable like lots of products carried in a pack. None of us is exactly superman, but it’s so refreshing to have a tool that feels like it can be used properly without breaking it or rounding off bolt heads under pressure!


Price: € 69,99 | More infos: Crank Brothers Website

Aaron Steinke, Web Director, Stuttgart (GER)

Leatherman TREAD

Is there a more stylish way to carry all the necessary tools? As we’ve come to expect from Leatherman, this multi-functional bracelet doesn’t disappoint in terms of manufacturing quality and can hold 25 tools in total. Think about all of those Allen keys, spanners and screwdrivers – not forgetting the obligatory bottle opener – it’s all there. Many of the elements can be taken out, so the band can be fitted to the rider’s wrist and suit your own needs. The perfect gift for anyone, not just Leatherman fans.


Price: € 199 (silver) / € 259 (black) | More infos: Leatherman TREAD

Wahoo Fitness KICKR SNAP

Forget the tedium of riding the rollers, and get your hands on a smart training tool like the Wahoo KICKR SNAP and you’ll be stoked to see that churning out those miles inside can be fun! The compact trainer can be connected wirelessly via your smartphone or PC, giving you access to a wide selection of Apps to control resistance and keep a keen eye on your performance. So head out, or rather stay inside and get out exploring virtual dream routes (zwift.com), carry out super efficient, objective-based training (e.g. trainerroad.com) or challenge yourself to the virtual goal of Strava segments or even Tour de France stages! Could this be the first time ever that we’re looking forward to riding the rollers?


Price: € 699.99 | More infos: Wahoo Website

Trev Worsey, Chief Editor UK, Innerleithen (UK)

Shimano MW7 Winter Boots

When you see GORE-TEX written on the side of a pair of boots you know that you’re in good hands. The new MW7 boots feature an insulated lining and insole and a waterproof GORE-TEX membrane to keep your toes warm and dry as you shred the winter gnar. We like the lace shield design that helps keep all the crap and mud outside, and the TORBAL midsole is the same as that found in racier shoes so you don’t have to suffer the ‘wellington boot’ effect when riding hard.

McNair Shirt-4540

Price: € 215.99 | More infos: Shimano Website

Ortlieb Day Shot Camera Bag

Everyone loves a good mountain bike edit and if you’re the one who regularly captures your buddies shredding (or just crashing), it’s likely that you carry gear up onto the trail. The new Day Shot camera bag packs everything waterproof masterminds Ortlieb have learnt from their legendary dry bags into a cool 21L pack for carrying all manner of photo gear. We found it has plenty of space for a pro D-SLR and big lenses, with space left over for your sandwiches and a jacket. The tripod carrier is useful if you are into your landscapes, and the waterproof zipper means you can rest easy if the weather spits its dummy.

Christmas presents-3853

Price: € 260 | More infos: Ortlieb Website

Maxxis Shorty 3C Maxx Terra Exo TR 2.30

Sometimes it’s nice to go sideways, that sweet feeling when the rear wheel glides smoothly round a turn. However, when the front wheel does it too it’s not so much fun. At this time of year, you need good tyres, and we really like the punchy named Maxxis Shorty 3C Maxx Terra Exo TR 2.30 for its ability to cut into the grime. Equally at home on hardpack as it is on thick and gloopy mud, it’s the perfect solution to keeping those tyres hooked up. The triple compound (3C) rubber gives soft outer knobs, with a faster rolling inner tread, laid over a harder more stable base. Weighing in at only 832 g they are respectable for a winter tyre, and the Maxx Terra sidewalls have proven durable, helping to keep damage at bay. The perfect Christmas gift!

ENDURO Christmas Present Ideas-3739

Price: € 64.99 | More infos: Maxxis Website

Moritz Dittmar, Chief Editor Website, Leonberg (GER)

Eagle Creek Pack-It System

We’re all familiar with the chaos that reigns each time we travel. Come on, we set off from home with a fairly neat set of belongings, but after just three days on the road it looks like a bomb has hit our stuff. Well, there’s a deceptively simple solution to avoid this chaos, and it comes in the form of the Pack-It system from Eagle Creek. These colourful bags come in various sizes and can really revolutionise your holidays. Thanks to the wise mesh design, you can see exactly what’s inside each bag, and it means that your clothes get some fresh air too. Eagle Creek recommend rolling your clothes. Trust us, once you’ve tried this method you’ll wonder why on earth you spent so long folding in the past.


Price: € 38 | More infos: Eagle Creek Website

JOBY GripTight GorillaPod Magnetic

It shouldn’t come as any news that today’s smartphones are actually fairly good at taking photos and making films, so it’s even less surprising that the market constantly launches more and more accessories to help us. The Mini tripod from JOBY is probably the most useful of the bunch. The adaptor, known as GripTight, clings securely to any current smartphone and ensures your smartphone can sit firmly on the tripod. The GorillaPod tripod can find its footing on three legs, wrap around any solid object (within reason) and has magnetic feet that cling to any metal surface. Now there’s no excuse for shaky riding footage or one-man video productions. What’s stopping you?


Price: € 39.95 | More infos: JOBY Website

Andreas Maschke, Media Designer, Stuttgart (GER)

Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody

Of course, there are warmer jackets that cost a fraction of the price – but they’re heavier and don’t pack down anywhere near as small. There are also jackets with a better weight-to-warmth ratio (keyword: down jackets), but they’re too fragile and aren’t that easy to look after. But then there’s the Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody, which hits the spot and comes with an entirely justifiable price tag. High quality not just in looks, Arc’teryx chose materials that are finely crafted, gentle to touch and super long-lasting. The fit and freedom of movement both meet our approval, and the soft interior is a treat to wear. The exterior is wind and water-resistant, and even if the jacket does succumb to a huge downpour then the breathable Coreloft (much like Primaloft) does its duty by warming and drying substantially. The jacket is also versatile; sling it on directly over a t-shirt, as an outer layer or under a hard shell – it never fails to feel good and perform faultlessly. With eight colour options there’s surely one for every taste. And once you’ve worn it once, you won’t look back.

Ghost ROAMR (47 von 73)-2

Price: € 220 | More infos: Arc’teryx Website

Hilleberg Enan

Whether you’re on a bike packing adventure, kayaking, or traversing the wilderness, you’re going to need a lightweight but sturdy tent. The Enan marks Hilleberg’s attempt to create just this – and to overwhelming success. It’s easy to pitch, far more spacious on the inside than you’d guess from its ground surface area and thanks to the clever details, robust materials and high-quality production it is capable of bearing up to the most bloody-hell-why-are-we-camping conditions. Unusual for its weight category, this super lightweight tent even boasts a double-wall construction, which makes it the ideal choice for chilly and windy conditions too. Thanks to its tiny pack size and 1.1 kg total weight, it’s the perfect one-man tent for any adventure.


Price: € 669 | More infos: Hilleberg Website

Catherine Smith, Marketing Manager, Innerleithen (UK)


The women’s cycling market is expanding faster than Santa’s waistline at a mince pie and eggnog party, with it the choice of bikewear has increased exponentially in both functionality and style. Scottish Company Findra have something a bit different to offer with this high-quality merino jersey. It’s designed solely for women who want something with a touch of class, but still high performance. The jersey is created in a continuous form with minimal seams, it’s a perfect weight for layering or wearing alone and it can be worn to the pub as well. It doesn’t look like a cycling top, but it acts like one and offers something a little bit different. Whether you’re out in the wilds, doing a cafe crawl or hitting the bike park, this top will do you right!

Findra Merlin Jersey-3813

Price: £90 | More infos: Findra Website

Robin Schmitt, Director, Leonberg (GER)

ENDURO Mountainbike Magazine

Tell a friend who doesn’t know about our iPad magazine to download it. You know what? It’s free!


Price: Free! More infos: ENDURO Website

Donation to World Bicycle Relief

The best Christmas present is realizing that giving can be so much nicer than receiving. Instead of succumbing to superfluous consumerism, why not step into action and give a gift that can really change lives?

PriceMore Infos: World Bicycle Relief Website

Steffen Gronegger, US Editor, Washington D.C (U.S.A)

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Riding with your best mate means double the fun, even if it is a canine. The best trail dogs are unlikely to run off, but who can ever be sure? Stats have shown that one of every three dogs will go missing – but probably not yours if it’s fixed with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, the four-legged animal’s own version of Strava. The waterproof box on the dog’s collar sends a direct GPS signal to your smartphone, which makes it a doddle to re-find your pooch. Aside from the fact that riders now have peace of mind, the Pet Tracker also enables you to monitor the dog’s important health factors, such as its level of movement, body temperature and calories burned. What’s more, if your dog does decide to stray beyond where it’s caninely possible to hear your whistle, known as the ‘Whistle Home Zone’, then you’ll even receive an SMS notification.

Images for Whistle

Price: $ 79.95 + up to $ 9.95 monthly fee | More infos: Whistle Website

Manne Schmitt, Communication Manager, Leonberg (GER)

Knog Blinder ARC 640

Quadratic, practical, good. What more do we need? Admittedly, the Knog Blinder ARC 640 and its 640 lumens isn’t the brightest lamp around, but it more than satisfies me for my ride to work. The front light from Knog can be fitted onto a range of bar diameters without an adaptor. The integrated lithium-ion battery can be charged by USB, which no one would argue is a bad thing. At its brightest in the fourth mode, the battery can last for around an hour and a half. Costing around 100 €, this high-end lamp only weighs around 150 grams and can be mounted on your helmet using the mount supplied.


Price: €114.90 | More infos: Knog Website

Merry Christmas from everyone at ENDURO!

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